Learn how to integrate Video Job Advertisements into your Recruiting Process

Our Process: 6 Simple Steps

Simply record your videos with the help of our instructions, upload them, and get a fully branded Video Job-Ad to share with the talent market.

Step 1

Choose Your Package

Choose the package, that fits best your needs. All our packages only differ in quantity, you’ll find the same additional options for customization in any product.

After you have decided on a package, you’ll get various options to customize your package. We’re offering additional assistance through partner videographers in your region, that can record the videos for you, as well as an express option and subtitles or voice-over through native speakers.

Step 2

Receive Instructions

Receive our Guide with more information on how to frame and light your video to maximize the quality. Use our additional explanation videos for more information and a few tricks to make your shoot even easier. We’ll also include a list of potential questions that you can ask your employees.

Step 3

Record Videos

Take a phone and your list of questions and shoot your first video with the help of our provided guide. You can record each question individually and as often as you want. Simply decide on the best clip that you want to include in the final Video.

Step 4

Upload Videos & CI step-by-step

Come back to our Website login to your account and follow our step-by-step upload process. Now you can choose your desired template, upload your company’s logo, choose your primary and secondary corporate color, and add all questions to the question list. Finally, you can upload your recorded video clips. 

Step 5

Our Editing-Team does the rest

Our team of editors will take care of your video. We’ll improve the audio and video quality, brand your video, and edit the clips into one single video.

Step 6

Receive & share your Job Ad

You’ll receive your video as a web-optimized High Definition video via a download link. Now you’re ready to share your video job ad.

Our Simple Branding Options

With our Quick and Easy Upload-Process, you can upload your CI within no time, and we'll take care of the rest.

This is what you need to provide.

Upload your Logo, and CI colors, choose the font your brand’s font, as well as a call to action for the end of the video job ad.

You can opt-in to, store your CI information in your account for an even easier upload. After that, you can skip the first upload steps and only upload the questions and videos you recorded. 

Fully Customized results.

We will produce a fully branded video job ad for you. We will customize the „lower third“ titles, and use the right font and colors. , We will also customize your questions, CTA’s as well as your logo. Simply upload the necessary design elements and information and our team of editors can work the magic. 

The easiest way to create branded videos for your job advertisements.

Now you can easily create professional video content to support your job advertisements. Our solution is flexible, affordable, and effortless. All we need from you is to record your employees and colleagues, with the help of our simple instructions. Choose your desired template and we'll take care of the rest. We'll enhance audio, and color and edit your video job posting for you. You'll be able to share your video Job Ad within 48 hours.